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Rev. Jerry Lepasana

Rev. Jerry Lepasana

Role: Senior Pastor
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Sun, Oct 12, 2014
Today, one of the biggest theological questions that many people are wrestling with is: “Why did God create man with free will?” Do you know why this is such a controversy? Well, for those people who want to deny the existence of God, they are saying that it doesn't make sense that God who knew beforehand that man would sin and reject Him would still create man and give him the capacity to freely choose what he wants. Their idea is that God created man only to send him to hell.
Sun, Oct 05, 2014
The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is clearly the central theme of the entire Bible. The Old Testament Scriptures highlight how man has fallen into sin and continued to move away from God. But in the midst of man’s sinfulness, God gave the gracious promise that He was sending the Messiah to be the ultimate means of salvation both to the Jews and Gentiles. With the New Testament Scriptures, the emphasis is the fulfillment of the promise. The Lord Jesus Christ who is the Messiah came. He finished the work of salvation, and declared that He is the only way for anyone to be restored back to God and be saved. So without the Gospel, there will be no Bible.
Sun, Sep 14, 2014
How much do you need to be really satisfied in life? How much do you need to say you already have enough? Honestly, these are difficult questions to answer nowadays especially because we live in a very materialistic society that is constantly bombarded with advertisements telling us that our lives will be happier if we can have more money, better cars, better furniture, nicer clothes, more shoes, newer gadgets, etc. But, we all know how big of a trap this is, right?
Sun, Sep 07, 2014
This morning, in our celebration of Grandparents Sunday, I have chosen the metaphor of a relay race to extend a challenge to all the grandparents, and parents regarding their sacred responsibility of passing on their faith and Biblical values to the next generation. This relay race metaphor is perfect because it provides an image of a lead runner setting the pace for his team. He’ll run as fast as he could in order to give his team a head start and then make sure he successfully hands over the baton to the next runner. Once the second runner gets the baton, he will also run the distance set for him and then hands over the baton again to a third runner. He will repeat what the first two runners did ahead of him until he finally hands the baton to the fourth and last runner who will run and finish the race. Now, if you’re familiar with a relay race, you would know that it is not enough for runners to be able to run fast, it is also important that they master the art of handing over the baton. Most often, teams have lost their races because they miscalculated the passing of the baton.
Sun, Aug 24, 2014
On April 5, 2013, America and Christians all over the world were stunned with the news that Matthew Warren, the 27 year old son of Pastor Rick Warren, one of the most influential pastors today in the Evangelical world, committed suicide. After the news broke out, Saddleback Community Church in Lake Forest, California released a statement to the public saying: “At 27 years of age, Matthew was an incredibly kind, gentle and compassionate young man whose sweet spirit was encouragement and comfort to many. Unfortunately, he also suffered from mental illness resulting in deep depression and suicidal thoughts. The church asked for everyone to join us in praying for the entire Warren family.”
Sun, Aug 10, 2014
As part of Christ’s teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, He reminded the people that since storms in life are certain and unavoidable, how we built our houses can make a big difference.
Sun, Aug 03, 2014
But, more than the physical and natural hurricanes that can destroy us; there are also some internal hurricanes that Satan can bring into our lives that can lead to our destruction. I believe these internal forces are more dangerous because unlike the external hurricanes that often bring about emergency warnings, the internal hurricanes don’t. So many people have a great tendency to deny their existence in their lives. These are the hurricanes I want to highlight in our sermon series for the next two months.
Sun, Jul 27, 2014
With the sermon I have this morning, I would like to show all of us that God demands a hefty price in order for us to receive His best blessings. Now, of course, I am not talking about our eternal life. We all know that it is only by grace through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9) that we can receive it. But in relation to a powerful life in Christ, let me state it plainly that it is going to cost us a life of surrender.
Sun, Jul 13, 2014
This morning, our focus is on the power of the Holy Spirit. I’m convinced that if there’s something that the church of Jesus Christ need today, it would be that we become more familiar of what the Holy Spirit can do for us. I believe many churches and believers are deficient because they are ignorant of the power of the Holy Spirit.
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