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Rev. Jerry Lepasana

Rev. Jerry Lepasana

Role: Senior Pastor
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Sun, Jun 02, 2013
Are love and discipline really antithetical to each other? I have chosen to answer this question in our sermon today. With our theme, Building Thriving Relationships, we have already talked about our relationship with God – Stranger Danger, and our marital relationship – The Need for Marriage & What’s Your Role. This morning, I would like to highlight one subject that is so important among our parents, which is Love and Discipline.
Sun, May 19, 2013
One of the most important ministries I believe that I do as a pastor besides preaching and teaching God’s Word is solemnizing weddings for our members. On the average, I do at least three weddings every year. The reason why I treat weddings so important is because I believe in the sacredness of marriage. And I want to make sure that all our members who get married understand that it is God who invented marriage and He will definitely hold them accountable with how they are going to protect and preserve it.
Sun, May 12, 2013
Mother’s Day celebration is always an important event here at Bible Church International because we believe that the Lord has blessed us with many wonderful mothers who deserve to be applauded for all the selfless sacrifices that they do for their children. Every time we celebrate Mother’s Day as a church, I’m really hoping that we are setting an example for all the families we have here at church. By this I mean, the celebration should start here then every family should go and celebrate later.
Sun, May 05, 2013
Today, the phrase, “Stranger Danger,” has become very popular among kids due to the growing problem of child abduction. The statistic released by the Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that for every 40 seconds in the United States, a child is reported missing or abducted. Now, this translates to over 2,000 children per day (under 18 years of age) or 800,000 per year. To counter this problem, many books, films, and public service announcements are being made so that majority of the children will remember this advice, warning them concerning the dangers of talking or engaging a stranger. Although this would be a good topic to talk about in church, I have a more pressing need I want to address using the same phrase. So, instead of using it to talk about protecting our children from strangers, I’m using it to talk about the dangers of making God a stranger in your life.
Sun, Apr 28, 2013
During the early 1970’s, America was introduced to young promising runner, Steve Prefontaine, from the University of Oregon who broke all the outstanding record for the NCAA Men’s Cross Country track and would win three championships of his four years at Oregon. He also won four 5,000 meter titles in track three times in a row.At one time in his career, he held the American record in seven distance track events from the 2,000 meter race to the 10, 000 meter race. Until today, he is considered by many track and field enthusiasts to be one of the most gifted runners of all time. But Steve didn’t live to enjoy his success. In 1975, returning from a party, he was speeding on Skyline Boulevard, east of the University of Oregon campus near Hendricks Park when his orange 1973 MGB convertible swerved into a rock wall and flipped, trapping him underneath the chassis. By the time medics arrived, he was pronounced dead and it had been reported that his blood alcohol concentration was way above the legal limit. He died at a young age of twenty-four. What is the point of this story? Time and again, we need to be reminded that it is not our talents, our accomplishments, or our acquisitions that will determine our legacy. It is our character. Many people have wasted their potential because they failed to understand the value of exemplary character. Even in the Bible, you can find some sad examples of these as well: Samson, Saul, Absalom, and Judas. All of them had promising beginnings, but ended miserably because of the lack of character.
Sun, Apr 07, 2013
Since we all live in a fallen world, it should be natural for us to expect that we will experience some troubles and complications in life. As much as we hate to go through them, even for all of us who believe in Jesus Christ, it is unrealistic and unbiblical to think that our lives will be problem- free. Throughout the Bible, we will find remarkable men and women of faith who experienced times of great troubles. In fact, Jesus Himself plainly told His disciples in John 16:33: 33 "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."
Sun, Mar 31, 2013
Duration: 41 mins 30 secs
I once read a story of a man who always wanted to go on an ocean cruise. For years, he put away a portion of his meager income and finally saved enough to pay the fare: $1,300 – every penny he had. In fact, he packed himself a basket full of peanut butter sandwiches because he knew he would not be able to spend another penny once he boarded the ship. As he enjoyed the swimming, the sun deck and the fresh air, he noticed how well the other passengers were eating. Wherever he looked, he saw lavish spreads filled with appetizers, salad, fruit, bread, and dessert. At the end of long buffet tables, chefs were carving mouth-watering slabs of beef, roast turkey, and lamb. On the last day of the cruise, his curiosity got the better of him. He stopped a passing steward, who was carrying a particularly delicious looking room service tray. “Excuse me, young man,” he asked. “How much does a meal like that cost?” The steward was a bit surprise with his question, but managed an answer. “Sir, you don’t understand. All the food you want is included in the price of your ticket.”
Wed, Mar 20, 2013
Duration: 3 mins 52 secs
Sun, Mar 17, 2013
Duration: 49 mins 30 secs
Last week, Pastor James and I were checking out one Para-church ministry, which we feel can add some value to the discipleship process that we are doing here at our church. In our initial conversion with them, their representative directed us to an article explaining the essential components of their ministry. As I read their material, one thing that stood out for me was their challenge to Christians to re-examine how they see the church of Jesus Christ. Basically, they compared the church today as either a “cruise ship” or an “aircraft carrier.” Let me ask you, what do you think are the main differences between the two?
Sun, Mar 03, 2013
Passage: Luke 19:11-27
Duration: 46 mins 57 secs
There is no doubt that it is a great privilege to be a part of God’s kingdom and enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, if we are to enjoy this relationship to the fullest, one of the hardest truths we need to learn is to acknowledge that life is not about us, it is all about the King we serve. The apostle Paul simply puts it in Colossians 1:16 saying, “. . . all things were created by him and for him.” In other words, everything in this universe, including every single one of us, was created to give glory and honor only to Jesus Christ, the creator of everything. We are not in the center of the universe, He is. The earlier we accept this, the sooner we have the opportunity to re-align our priorities and pursuits to what is going to bring Him the highest glory.
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